Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Portrait

"Liam is 1 year old. He has Down syndrome and serious heart malfunctions. Liam has undergone extensive medical treatment and surgery during the last twelve months. He is on a ventilator, has a tracheotomy for breathing and a nasogastric tube for feeding. Living in the hospital since birth, Liam went home for the first time in mid December..."

These are the first words of a story on which I have worked during the last weeks. It is a very moving story about a little boy and the desire of his parents to capture a family portrait at Christmas time. Something that appears to be trivial for most of us might be a major effort for others.

I was lucky enough that Marilyn, Liam's mother, not only asked me to take the portraits, but allowed me to document and publish the "HowTo" as well. Marilyn does a terrific job in caring for her little boy and deserves my greatest respect. I'd like to thank her very much.

The story has been published on socialdocumentary.net and can be explored by clicking on the image above. Take a look and spread the word, it's worth it!