Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nine days after...

...the Marathon bombings, it would have been just unbalanced to show images of beautiful Boston without showing at least a few pictures that had to do with the terror attacks. Even though we're on a vacation trip (planned long before the bombings), leaving it out would have been against my photojournalistic instincts and would have made me feel dishonest.

Actually, if you're exploring the city, you cannot overlook the bombing sites. The region around Boylston Street is very busy and crowded with media teams and tourists. There are several spots that serve as makeshift memorials for the victims of the attacks. People gather at these spots and you can easily feel their sadness and their sympathy for those who were killed or injured.

PS. After the bombings, there was a discussion in the media about which pictures could be shown and which should be held back. With a few exceptions, the newspapers ran only cropped versions of the most graphic images, and there were also cases of improper manipulation (see for a discussion on the issues). For those of you who'd like to see a painfully realistic and detailed depiction of the devastation caused by the bombings, take a look at the image collection at But be warned, the material is very graphic and hard to look at! Thanks to my friend for sending me the link.