Monday, April 22, 2013

Woods Hole

A year ago, we bought a little picture called "Nobska's Grace" from B J Anderson, a painter in the Torpedo Factory:

B J told us that the image depicts a place on Cape Cod, somewhere near Nobska Lighthouse. At that time we had no idea where Cape Cod was, nor whether we'll ever make it there. However, since I liked the composition, I looked up the exact place in Google Maps and put it aside - just to be prepared in case we should ever visit it.

Today was the BIG day:

The conditions weren't exactly like in BJ's image: no sunshine, no blue sky, and no leaves on the bushes; it was cold and windy, and there were no telephone posts along the road.

However, the similarities are obvious, and I'm happy I was finally able to photograph that little lighthouse. For those who are curious, the exact spot is here, in the middle of the white beach, south of Nobska Pond, pointing the camera to the Southeast.